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What’s the one thing that every home has? A garbage can! We don’t pay attention to them, which is the strength of this design: it’s unlikely to be noticed even in the most nosy, urban area. For 2 small large fowl or bantam hens, the stealth coop is easily moved around your yard and comes with everything your chickens need: a nesting area, a waterer, a feeder, and a discreet, predator-proof run.

Plus, shipping is included!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. See additional notes about assembly below.
Interior Features
  • The white walls of the "house" are made of 100% post-consumer recycled vinyl billboard, an exceptionally strong material which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

  • The feeder sits on the inside for protection from the elements, and holds 20 pounds, enough to last several days.

  • The 3-quart nipple waterer attached via a hanger (included) is ideal for a small flock: it prevents waste, the water stays clean, and you'll only have to refill it once or twice a week.

  • Nest pad for egg collection; removable for easy cleaning. (You don't have to add pine shavings or straw, either!)

  • Interior 3/4" structural support doubles as roost for hens to perch on.

  • Interior dimensions: 26" wide, 36" tall, for 3.8 square feet of space.

Exterior Features
  • Heavy-duty lid snaps shut to keep out all manner of predators (add a bungee for extra protection if raccoons are on the prowl in your neighborhood).

  • Wood slats made of 1" x 2.5" pine finished with a 5-year sealer.

  • Interior of run lined with 1" x 1" galvanized steel cage wire to keep predators away.

  • Egg-shaped "sunroom" run dimensions: 30" x 36" x 25" tall, for 10 square feet of space.

Choosing Breeds for the Stealth Coop
Because this coop is on the smaller side, we recommend only you keep two hens in it and that you move it daily. If you want large fowl birds for full-size eggs, the best breeds are Red Stars, Black Stars, Australorps, Easter Eggers, Blue Andalusians and the like. You'll definitely want to steer away from the larger breeds, including Wyandottes, Plymouth Rocks, Cochins (large fowl), Buff Orpingtons, Jersey Giants, or any other breed that doesn't do well in confinement.

Any breed of bantam will do well in this coop, however, including everyone's favorites: Silkies, Brahmas, and Cochins!

Shipping & Assembly
The Stealth Coop ships for free via Fed Ex Ground and requires assembly; allot about 90 minutes. Arrives in two packages. Combined total weight 65 lbs. Allow about 2 weeks for delivery.

(Please note this coop is also referred to as the "Hen Condo".)


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