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This is the best small-scale baby chick starter kit on the market, we think! Featured on the Martha Stewart show, she liked them so much, she took four kits home in which to brood her own babies. This kit comes with everything you need to get your batch of babies started off on the right foot:
  • Ten, 20" high by x 24" wide interlocking, double-walled cardboard panels, which form the "house"
  • One bag of compressed pine shavings (2700 cubic inches)
  • One heavy-duty heat lamp with ceramic socket and clamp
  • One 250-watt, red, infrared heat bulb
  • One five pound bag of organic, un-medicated baby chick starter feed
  • Three one-quart jugs (for feed and water)
  • Two red water bases
  • One red feeder base

Superior panels form the "house"
Interlocking double-walled cardboard panels form the "house". Measuring 20” high, they are a full 8” taller than the typical starter kit, which means your chicks will be better protected from drafts and won’t be able to jump out until they’re much older! The double-walled design make them extra sturdy.

Use as few as 4 panels, or as many as to 10
Our kit includes ten panels, which creates 22 square feet of space -- enough for up to 11 or 12 chickens, up to five weeks of age! You won't need that much space to start, though. Use just four or six panels when your babies are small -- however many they need to be comfortable. You can easily add two panels at a time as they get bigger and require more space.

The only kit with pine shavings and organic starter feed!
Our kit is the only one we've found to include pine shavings for bedding and organic, unmedicated chick starter feed. (If you choose to medicate your chicks, you'll have plenty of opportunity -- the 5lb bag will only get them through the first several days, and they'll need "starter" feed for several weeks, so you'll have to purchase more feed, whether it be medicated or un-medicated. You can offer them the organic feed at any point during that time.) 

Please note: if you do not intend to use the starter feed within a week of receipt, please refrigerate it. It is organic, all-natural and does not contain any pesticides. Refrigerating it will keep out pantry moths and other pests.

We ship starter kits they day they are received or the day after. If you order chicks along with your starter kit, and your chicks are scheduled for the next week's hatch, your chicks might arrive before your starter kit does! So, for the safety of your chicks, please plan accordingly and order your kit for timely delivery.

One final note: Our kit does not include a thermometer. The best way to gauge your flock's comfort level is to watch their behavior. Your kit comes with a set of instructions for assembling the brooder, plus all the "how-to" baby chick care information you'll need to get started, including how best to regulate the heat.