The Victoria Tractor (up to 6 chickens)


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Just like the The Victoria, but as a movable tractor.  This solidly built, urban backyard chicken coop accommodates five to six chickens!  A beautiful addition to any backyard or garden.  Comes with 6' x 6' attached run, and the tractor design means it's easily moved to give your flock access to fresh pasture every day. Built in the U.S.A! Ships fully assembled.  Shipping note: please select "Ground" and allow 3 - 4 weeks for your coop to ship.

Built "Green", in the U.S.A. Hand-built by woodworkers in Bay City, Michigan, Green Chicken Coops use responsibly harvested timber from certified ecologically-sustainable, managed forests, and from local storm-damaged trees. The cedar roof and flooring underlayment are all-natural, the plywood is free from any harmful glues or chemicals, and the exterior latex paint is non-toxic.

Designed to stand up in all conditions Over 30 Green Coops were designed and tested in the harshest winter environments of Northern Michigan. The clapboard is made of sturdy 3/4" exterior-grade plywood, versus the 1/4" plywood you'll see on other coops. Cedar shake roof shingles and underlayment protect your flock in any weather and will last decades.

If you live in a hot climate, order a screened side door for $35 more: your flock will need the ventilation. (It comes with a plexiglass insert for cold weather protection, too!)

If you live in a wintry area, consider the interior light option for just $25 more: put it on in the mornings and evenings to improve winter egg laying. (Keep in mind that any electricity inside a coop is always a fire hazard, and you assume your own risk.) You might also drape an old tarp over the run: snow slides off and provides ample ground area for the chickens to enjoy, even in the harshest of weather!

Dual-opening doors for cleaning Everyone loves a coop that's easy to clean. The Victoria's side doors, for "people" access, open wide for easy disposal of soiled bedding. Consider getting the linoleum floor for $40 more: it'll make it that much easier. Or, replace the solid floor with a slatted wood floor for droppings to easily pass through.

Smart window for light & ventilation Just above the nesting box, there's a long, low, two-layer window. The top layer is plexiglass, which you can latch closed in colder weather, or prop open in mild weather. The second layer is 1/2" by 1/2", 19 gauge, galvanized hardware cloth to keep predators out.

Run The Victoria Tractor comes with a 6'2" x 5'4" run. The run is securely bolted to the coop and the handles allow you to easly move the entire unit. The wire mesh is 1/2" by 1/2", 19 gauge, galvanized hardware cloth, which means only bugs will get in, where they will promptly become free chicken food.

Three paint options, or customize! Choose from green, red or white non-toxic, exterior-grade latex paint, or for $50 more, we'll paint it any color you'd like!

Predator safety features All three access points, the front "chicken" door, the double-opening "people" door and the rear nesting box door - close securely to keep predators out. The window is also predator-proof, open or closed.

Ample nesting box space Since four to five hens can easily share just one nesting box, the three nesting boxes in this coop are more than sufficient.

Dimensions This coop is 3' wide by 4' deep, including the nesting box, and 3' 6" high at the peak of the roof. Click on full dimensional drawing above, right.

Feeder & Waterer notes Feeder: The manufacturer recommends this plastic hanging feeder, or something very near it, placed in the interior of the coop.

Waterer: choose whatever model you like, and plan to keep it outside, in the run. There's not enough room inside, really - and the manufacturer advises that it'll cause the house interior to become too humid. If you live in a cold climate, consider one of our heated waterers.

What to know about shipping and assembly Please allow 4-5 weeks for your coop to arrive, and make sure that at least one able-bodied adult will be present to help with unloading. The Victoria Tractor coop is delivered to your curbside without a lift gate unless you request one in the "delivery options" pull-down menu above, so you'll be responsible for getting two boxes (one 240 pounds and one 115 pounds) off the freight truck yourself and placed where you want it on your property.

Your coop will ship via freight service, and will arrive 95% assembled. You just attach the run, ladder, handles and wheels!