Wazine 17 (Roundworm medication)

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This wormer is for use in drinking water for the removal of large roundworms from chickens. It removes roundworms only--there are many types of worms that affect chickens, so we recommend you contact your local vet and obtain a fecal smear to make certain you are using the product that will help in your situation. Even vets who do not specifically treat birds or chickens can often perform a fecal smear for you.

It is not labeled for use on chickens producing eggs for human consumption.

The reason it is not recommended for laying birds is that medications can be transmitted through the eggs your chickens lay. "Egg discard" times have not been tested for this wormer, and this is THE one wormer approved for use on chickens. The reason drugs are so seldom labeled for use on laying hens is that drug companies don't see a return on their research dollars when it is more cost effective for factory egg farms to simply slaughter sick chickens and buy new healthy ones. Keepers of backyard pet chickens don't want to do this, naturally! We don't see our pets as egg producing machines to be discarded when they "break"--in fact, for backyard hobbyists, it's usually all about saving a beloved hen's life, and not about the production of eggs at all!

Although this medication is also used to treat humans, it has not been tested for withdrawal or "egg discard" times your chickens, and so cannot be labeled for use on laying hens due to the fact that how long and how much medication could be transmitted through the eggs is unknown. Your veterinarian may have recommendations for you if you still choose to use your eggs for personal consumption.

Finally, if your flock is suffering from any sort of illness, we recommend our probiotic Bird-Powder and Chunky Chicken treats. Both will support healthy immune systems and help your birds bounce back.

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