Assorted Brown Egg Layers - Standard


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Do you want a nice mix of productive brown egg layers--but you want them ASAP? Can't decide which breeds you want? Or is it that you just happen to love surprises?

Whichever your reason, this non-bantam assortment is a wonderful solution. Order five or more and you'll get at least three large fowl breeds or varieties of breeds. Although this assortment may include any of our standard size brown egg layers, most likely they will be breeds from the following list:
  • Rhode Island Red
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Red Star
  • Speckled Sussex
  • Dark Cornish
  • Buff Orpington
  • Light Brahma
  • Australorp
  • Dominique
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
  • White Plymouth Rock
  • Partridge Plymouth Rock
  • Delaware
  • Golden Laced Wyandotte
  • Columbian Wyandotte
  • Black Jersey Giant
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte

The breeds chosen to fulfill your order are selected by the hatchery based on which breeds had a particularly good hatch the week your shipment is scheduled -- we cannot take requests, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and her whims!

Before you make your decision to purchase a hatchery choice assortment, you may want to read some frequently asked questions about the assortments:

Baby Chicks: Behind the Scenes

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Hatch dates between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 15, 2014 have a 15-chick minimum, and will be shipped Express Mail.
More Breed Availability

* We can ship as few as three baby chicks! Our minimums are based on your zip code, and how long the USPS tells us it will take for your order to arrive at your post office. The longer they tell us it will take, the higher your minimum. Find out your minimum chick order

* Any order of 15+ chicks ships via USPS Priority Mail service, and 3-14 chicks ship via USPS Express Mail.
Why we use the USPS

* We offer Marek's vaccinations on all standard (large fowl) chicks, and you'll have the opportunity to select that during the checkout process.

* Baby chicks have special needs including heat of about 95* the first week of life! Read more, here