Black Frizzle Cochin Bantam


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Cochins are popular due to their sweet personality and fantastic mothering qualities. They do go broody! They are a Chinese breed known the world over for being friendly little balls of fluff and feathers (who don't lay particularly well, it's true -- expect only about 3 eggs a week); they became "famous" when Queen Victoria of England received some as a gift and fell in love with them. In fact, Cochins are a favorite of the current Duchess of Devonshire who has written several books on her chickens.

These cochins are not your "garden" variety cochin, though! They are bantam, frizzled black cochins. The frizzling characteristic does not breed true, so a small percentage of birds will be smooth feathered. When they are frizzled, however, they have the look of a bird whose feathers have been primped by a curling iron, or blown half off by a strong wind! Something about them reminds one of an inside out umbrella, or the first perm you ever got (and cried about). Although you would never have guessed, that perm looks perfectly charming on your chicken!

Frizzled cochins are a good choice if you are concerned about your birds flying over fences, since their unusual feathers make flying any distance difficult. Even better, frizzle cochins are adorable, fat bodied, eye-catching fowl with a quirky look that won't fail to get the attention--and maybe incite the jealousy--of your neighbors. Like Silkies, Frizzles are favorites of children and all others who are young at heart.

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