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New for 2010! The elegant Hamburgs are petite and active--and they are an old,traditional breed whose origin goes back hundreds of years. In both England and Holland, they were such faithful layers that a common name for them is "the Dutch Everyday Layer."

This rare variety is slightly larger than most Hamburgs and not quite as active. Still, they are high fliers and can jump fences and enclosures! They don't tolerate confinement very well, and don't make very good lap chickens. Hamburgs eat little to produce their prolific numbers of small to medium white eggs, so they cost less to feed than many other breeds. Their rose comb makes them tolerant of cold, as well. They are simply wonderful all-around homesteading birds if you have the room, and they rarely go broody.

These gorgeous birds have rose combs, white ear lobes and blue legs. They are excellent small birds for the home flock for those wanting efficient and economical layers. They are also fun, pretty birds to show!

PLEASE NOTE: Blue Hamburgs follow the rules of Andalusian blue genetics, so the chicks are not 100% blue! They come in ratios of approximately 50% blue, 25% black and 25% splash. Not all of your blues will actually be blue!

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