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Orpingtons are big, friendly dual-purpose birds originally developed in the UK. For many small farms and homesteaders, Orpingtons are the only way to go!  They're cold-hardy due to their fluffy plumage. Wonderful mothers, they do go broody. There is not much more charming than seeing a mother Orpington and her fluffy new baby chicks peeking from beneath her wings in a field of clover on a sunny day. Plus, they're gentle and friendly on top of being good layers. The Buff Orpington is the most popular of all varieties of Orpington--a pretty, bright, pale "buffed" copper color that is striking as eye candy on a green lawn.

Here's what our friends from Facebook are saying about Orpingtons:

"Best personality of ANY breed... Sweet, personable, talkative."
~Suzi Wallace Fire

"My Buff Orpingtons are the best all around chickens in my flock. They are a little larger that some of my other hens so the dogs don't mess with them. My buff rooster is a gentleman and is not people aggressive at all. They a very productive, and lay extra large brown eggs well into winter and don't seem to need any extra feed to keep up production. I have owned many different breeds of chickens over the past forty years, and getting these ten Buff Orpingtons two years ago was a good choice. They get my vote for best family flock, free-range breed."
~Valarie Sullivan

"A great breed for the beginner or long time raiser."
~Dwayne Campbell

"Low maintenance and great foragers, large eggs and easy to handle disposition"
~Vickie Carnes

"I have 5 of these beauties. So sweet and friendly, they love to sit on our laps or shoulders. Problem is, they all want to sit at the same time!"
~Patti Brenner

"These are the 'golden retrievers' of the chicken world."
~Tilly's Nest

"Nice and calm! Good type to have around children!"
~Holly German

"My two buffs are the best sitters. Broody but not obnoxious about it. Quiet. Best moms."
~Diana Tobey Walker

"My 'Buffy' goes broody twice a year, near the equinox. This year she has done a marvelous job of raising three new Golden Laced Wyandottes for my little flock. Thank you, Buffy!"
~Helen Behrens

"Friendly, funny, the best broodies and chickie moms!"
~Valerie Landfried

"Beautiful, sweet, funny, calm, and loving. A great all around choice for new chicken owners."
~Rhonda Branum

"Our Orp is the queen of our mixed flock. She's very friendly, curious, and a great forager. She's happy to be held, and comes running when you open the back door. Around dinner time she'll come to the back door to see if there might be someone around to give her a treat."
~Heidi Garman

"My favorite hen, Amanda, is a buff Orpington. She has the sweetest, most lovable personality. She likes to sit in my lap and be cuddled. She will peck my pants when she wants to be picked up. :)"
~Abby MacNeill

"I absolutly love my Buff Orpington. He is so calm, loving, likes to cuddle, is great with the kids, will walk up to us and wait to be picked up, was one of the first to warm up to us. I dont think I have one negative comment about BO's. BO's are very hardy, sturdy chickens. Great color and feathers."
~April Poulter

"SNUGGLY! And smart and curious--We have one who pecks on our back door each day, walks right into the house when we open the door and waits for treats outside the pantry door. Other than Easter Eggers, this is my favorite breed!"
~Carrie Wilkins

"My orpingtons have survived several predator attacks, due to their fluffiness! The fox grabs them but only gets a mouthful of feathers and the hens get away! Not so my less fluffy breeds! And they are sweet, gentle, and not as noisey as the others too. Great layers!"
~Susan Schaefer Knower

"What I love most about my buffs are they are SOOOO fat that when they run when called they really just wobble quickly side to side and remind me of those wind up tin toys of decades past that would start out really really fast when you first let go of the turning mechanism... they love to come when called but are the slowest of all the chickens!"
~Karen Mac

"Always have Buff Orpingtons. If I only had one breed of chicken, it would be the Buff Orpington."
~Vicki Haile Hillman Cox

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