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New for 2010! Cornish are stocky meat birds from the Southwest corner of England with short, close-fitting feathers. Because they don't have much insulation, they don't do especially well in drafty cold, even though their small pea combs are not usually subject to frostbite.

Most chicken meat bought in US supermarkets comes from a White Cornish x White Plymouth Rock cross. Because the poor crosses were bred to be confined, they're not the best pets, but these Dark Cornish don't suffer from the same problems the Cornish Crosses do. Nonetheless, they're still not especially good foragers, nor are they usually very active birds in general. We're told they can make great lap chickens and have a gentle nature, even though they are large, heavy and look fierce. They tend to be on the lower end of the pecking order in mixed flocks despite their size.

The Dark Cornish is rare, and isn't kept for meat like the crosses or even the more commonly available white plumaged Cornish. Instead, the Dark Cornish is kept mainly for show!

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