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The Exchequer variety of Leghorn has an unusual history, having developed spontaneously from a flock of White Leghorns in Scotland. Fascinated by these birds, the owner spent time developing them, and eventually gave them the name exchequer, inspired not only by the amount of revenue the birds contributed to the estate's "Exchequer" in eggs, but also inspired by their plumage, which was checkered evenly in black and white all over. (To our knowledge, none of the birds has ever mastered checkers.)

These birds are productive layers of large white eggs--reports suggest they lay nearly as many as the White Leghorns--and have an unusual, eye-catching appearance with their spotted plumage. They are active birds not prone to broodiness. Roosters are dandies with impressive hackles and large red combs. Like all Leghorns, the hens have large combs, too--so large, they usually flop over to one side like a fancy hat set at a fashionable angle. Because of their large combs, these birds can be susceptible to frostbite, but they do very well in heat.

Please note there is a 2-chick maximum on this breed.

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