Golden Sebright Bantam


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Sebrights are one of the most stunning breeds of chickens you can keep. The feathers of the Golden variety have a tawny base, with each one delicately laced in ebony, like the scales of a dragon. Even more interesting is the fact that both males and females have the same plumage--males are "henny feathered"--meaning they do not have the pointy hackle and saddle feathers that distinguish roosters of other breeds.

The chicks have a reputation for being delicate and difficult to rear because theyare so tiny and delicate. There is no standard version of the Sebright, they are a true Bantam. They have a chesty, jaunty stance with the wings pointed downward: their incredible lacing makes them look surreal, like a tiny sculpture of a bird!

Sebrights lay tiny little tinted eggs, don't lay well and rarely set. They are kept chiefly for pleasure and exhibition. They are friendly little birds when raised with affection, although they are not particularly docile. They can be little show-offs! (We think they know how beautiful they are.)

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