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Polish are a very special and unique breed of chicken with their huge bouffant crest of feathers and v-shaped comb. They are tame but their behavior can be a bit wacky since their crest limits their vision. When in a flock with more aggressive breeds, Polish will tend to be on the low end of the pecking order. Egg laying is varied in this breed - some lay well and some very poorly. In short, Polish are sweet, beautiful exhibition birds and can be good layers in the backyard flock, but they're not reliable.

Please be aware that the color blue does not hatch true in chickens. Blue is a diluting gene for black. So, 50% of white-crested blue Polish will hatch white-crested blue, and 25% will be white-crested black. The last 25% will be white-crested "splash," having received two diluting genes. Splash is a very light color, pale blue or white with "splashes" of black and darker blue in the feathers, especially in the wings and tail. Note also that our flocks produce a mix of bearded and non-bearded Polish. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN YOU ORDER! Not all of your blues will actually be blue!

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