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Sewn by hand by chicken keepers in the USA! You can find copycat models a couple dollars cheaper elsewhere, but they're made in China. Consider where you want your dollars to go!

This beautiful, reversible "saddle," also known as an "apron," is an absolute lifesaver when you keep a flock of pet chickens because the saddles protect your birds from feather loss and injury. It is hand made by the crafters of The Chicken Diaper in the southern United States. (We also carry stylish Hen Aprons that are as cute as your hens are!)

How do they work?  A rooster's claws and spurs can often pull out or break the feathers on the backs of his favorite hens during the act of mating. Once her feathers are gone, he can accidentally puncture the skin! If your hen gets injured this way, the rest of the flock may be drawn to peck at her, making the injury worse, even critical. That's where the My Pet Chicken Saddle comes in. The saddle will help prevent this sort of feather loss and will keep the backs of your birds protected. If the feather loss has already occurred, the saddle offers protection to her bare back so that her injuries can heal and her feathers can grow back.

No roosters in your flock? You may still need a saddle, because the saddles also protect both males and females from bareness associated with aggressive feather picking from dominant birds. (Please note: we recommend determining what is causing the picking in your flock so you can address the source of the problem while the saddle helps you to alleviate the effects.)

The My Pet Chicken Saddle is double sided so it is reversible; it is made of durable material to withstand the attention of amorous roosters or to deflect picking from dominant hens and protect submissive birds like Faverolles.  The elastic straps fit securely around the birds' wings, and offer complete freedom of movement.  It's always a good idea to have at least one saddle on hand for emergencies so if feather loss or an injury occurs, you can protect your chicken immediately. Simply slide the elastic straps around the joints of her wings and gently pull the feathers through. To clean, machine wash in cold water; dry flat. (Please note:  Some shrinkage may occur, but not enough to warrant ordering a smaller size.)

Small - 5 1/2" wide, 5 1/2" long.  Typically the best size for Adult Bantams or Small Standard Chickens.

Medium - 7 1/4" wide, 7 1/4" long. Typically the best size for average size Standard Chickens.

Large - 8 1/2" wide, 8 1/2" long.  Typically the best size for your larger breeds.

Extra Large - 10" wide, 10" long: This saddle is best for HUGE birds, even a turkey hen.

**If the size you order doesn't fit your bird, let us know!  We'll exchange!

Double Strap Option- For birds that are more active or narrow than the average!  Its a bit harder to put on but reduces the chance of slippage or accidental removal.  Putting a double strap style saddle on your chicken is easy!  Simply secure your chicken safely in your lap with one hand.  With the other hand, take the right saddle strap, place over the  head and pull the right wing through.  Now take the left strap, place over the head and pull the left wing through.  Smooth feathers and you're done!

***Fabrics used are upholstery-grade canvas! 

Delivery: *Each order is custom made, so please allow up to two weeks for shipment.

**Refunds for unused aprons will be given, minus a $3 processing fee.

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