Leash-Ready Chicken Diaper


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Want to walk your chicken? Awesome. Our Leash-Ready Chicken Diaper has a built-in D ring on the back for easy leash attachment. Clip in any lightweight leash and you're good to go. Plus, you won't have to worry about cleaning up sticky, stinky messes as you stroll--the built-in diaper catches them for you! To clean, simply flip it inside out, rinse or wipe it clean, dry it and replace it on the bird.

(Don't need to walk your chicken? Try out our regular chicken diaper, which comes with two, removable vinyl liners for even easier cleaning.)

Our new design is simple to use and easy for your bird to wear. Plus, we're proud to say that it's hand-made in America of lightweight cotton, by the same talented seamstresses that bring you our chicken saddle and regular chicken diaper (below). Wash in cold water by hand and lay flat to dry.

Want to try it out, but you're not sure it'll work? No problem. Simply return your unused diaper  to the return address on your shipping label, and you'll be refunded in full as soon as the item is received.

  • Extra Small - For Measurement 4-5 inches from wing joint to base of tail (Typically chicks of various ages)
  • Small - For measurement between 6 and 8 inches from wing joint to base of tail (Typically bantams and small hens)
  • Medium - for measurement between 8 and 10 inches from wing joint to base of tail (Typically medium to large hens)
  • Large - For measurement between 10 and 13 inches from wing joint to base of tail (Typically the largest roosters)
Measure your bird from the wing joint (where the wing attaches to the body) to the base of the tail (where the chicken's body ends and tail nub begins).

*Each order is custom made, so please allow up to two weeks for shipment.