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Recycle your plastic soda bottles with this easy-to-keep clean waterer for chicks and chickens!  Works with any size soda bottle, so long as it has a normal top. With this converter, providing clean water for your birds is easy. The waterer reduces water spillage, making your coop drier and healthier, and keeps water clean, too!  Perfect for small coops with limited space. (This is one of the best-kept secrets in backyard chicken keeping, we think!)

  • Make sure your bottle waterer is at a level that ALL chicks or chickens can reach
  • If your birds have never used a bottle waterer before, make sure each chicken is introduced to the waterer and how it works. Watch to be sure each of them know ho to use the new waterer before removing regular dish or fountain type waterers.
  • Think about including one for each 2-3 birds, since only one bird can use it at a time.

This waterer is NOT RECOMMENDED for shipped chicks until after they have had a few days to recover in their brooder, as there is a learning curve with this type of drinker.

Does not include bottle: provide your own soda bottle for this item.

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