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Australorps originated in Australia and were developed from Black Orpingtons imported there from England.  They are gentle and quiet: tremendous layers, producing tons of large brown eggs.  They are among the best egg producing breeds in the world, and currently hold the record for most eggs produced per annum.

A flock of Australorps is a lovely sight with their lustrous black feathers and bright red combs. Black is beautiful with these birds: in the sun, their feathers shine with shades of violet and beetle green! They are cold hardy birds that will go broody and make good mothers when they are not faithfully producing delicious eggs for your table.

They begin laying in as little as 5 to 6 months!  The line we offer is purebred and of the finest quality. We are always striving to improve and enhance only the desirable characteristics of the breed. Black Australorps are certainly one of the best of the heavy breeds.  You will not be disappointed with these beautiful birds; they are sure to give you years of satisfaction!

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Shipping:  Eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  No need to choose a faster shipping method besides 'Ground'.  If you'd like eggs shipped via USPS Express Mail, please give us a call!


We guarantee that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, contact us within two business days of receiving them with photos of the damage.

IMPORTANT: Receiving unbroken eggs is NOT a guarantee that they will all hatch. Why? Read more, here.

Unfortunately, we are unable ship hatching eggs to Hawaii.

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