Hatching Eggs - Blue Ameraucana


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True Ameraucana hatching eggs for the rare-breed enthusiast!

Yes, these are real, true Ameraucana eggs, NOT Easter Eggers. These beautiful blue birds will have show prospects in your hatchlings. At this time, we believe we're the only major hatchery that offers true Ameraucana eggs. Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses. Due to the genetics of the blue plumage color, your birds will hatch in blue, black and splash: about 50% of your chicks will be blue, 25% will be black and 25% will be splash (which is white or light blue, often with darker blue flecks in the wings and tail).

Ameraucanas are astoundingly beautiful birds, and quite friendly. In the warmer months, our Ameraucanas lay the tastiest eggs with the darkest yolks: while the color of the shell has nothing to do with it, the girls are great foragers, and it makes a difference in the taste and appearance of the eggs, for sure.

Ameraucanas can be flyers but are not flighty--you'll more often find them flying to a friendly shoulder than over a fence. Their small pea combs and sleek body shape give them the aspect of a bird of prey rather than a chicken. In fact, people who don't know much about chickens will be gob-smacked by your flock of light blue to greenish blue-egg laying Ameraucanas. They look very little like what people imagine chickens to be, and  your black Ameraucanas especially can almost be mistaken for especially elegant, glistening crows. The blues, with their smoky lacing, are like the misty shadow of a falcon when their wings are spread. These are must-have birds for any rare breed flock.

Shipping:  Eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  No need to choose a faster shipping method besides 'Ground'.  If you'd like eggs shipped via USPS Express Mail, please give us a call!


We guarantee that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, contact us within two business days of receiving them with photos of the damage.

IMPORTANT: Receiving unbroken eggs is NOT a guarantee that they will all hatch. Why? Read more, here.

Unfortunately, we are unable ship hatching eggs to Hawaii.

DID YOU KNOW: We've just published a new, free e-book, "The My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching," helpful information for the novice and experienced hatcher alike.