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Cream Legbars are friendly, easily handled, good layers, and one of the most highly sought after--and rarest--breeds in this country. You've been begging for them, and they're finally here! This breed is fabulous for backyarders for several reasons. Firstly, their eggs are a beautiful blue. Secondly, they are auto-sexing, which means that if you want to hatch the eggs of your chickens at home, you'll be able to tell male chicks from female chicks immediately, without the years of training it takes to vent sex day old chicks of other breeds. (Male legbar chicks have a light spot on their heads while females do not). Legbars are good foragers and do well avoiding predators in a free range environment, although they can easily adapt to small yards and runs, as well. Finally, they're fun looking, with unusual little crests tucked behind floppy combs, looking something like they're wearing berets accented with flowers--very cool! Availability of the legbars are severely limited, so if you see availability dates listed below, DON'T WAIT to make your reservations!

There is a 12-egg maximum on this breed.

**Please note:  We always request that these eggs be held at the post office for pick up to help increase viability.  Many times, the "HOLD AT POST OFFICE" information is not seen and eggs are delivered to the physical shipping address on the label.  If it is imperative to you that the eggs not be delivered to the shipping address on the order, please put the correct address of your post office of choice as the shipping address, attn:  'your name'.  If the order is done this way, please include a valid phone number so the post office can reach you when the box arrives.  Supplies should be ordered separately if your order is addressed like this.


We guarantee that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, contact us within two business days of receiving them with photos of the damage.

IMPORTANT: Receiving unbroken eggs is NOT a guarantee that they will all hatch. Why? Read more, here.

Unfortunately, we are unable ship hatching eggs to Hawaii.

DID YOU KNOW: We've just published a new, free e-book, "The My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching," helpful information for the novice and experienced hatcher alike.