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Everyone at My Pet Chicken loves Easter Eggers! Eggs come in shades of blue and green... including aqua, olive, sky blue, sage, mint, turquoise and more. Rarer colors are tan, creme or beige.  Children in particular love gathering the fancifully colored eggs: it takes on the atmosphere of a springtime egg hunt year round! Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses. People you share eggs with will be astounded that these eggs are from chickens; it will look to them as if you took the trouble to dye them all. However, your eggs will be "colored by hen, not by man!"

Chicks from these eggs are adorable with fuzzy, bearded faces, and they hatch in many colors and patterns. Many start out brown with stripes; some are creamy or yellow. They feather out into adult plumage that runs the spectrum of white, black, brown, blue and various combinations. Our Easter Eggers are not rumpless like Araucanas, but will have normal tails and pea combs. Most Easter Eggers will develop slate (blue) or willow (green) legs as they grow, although this is not usually apparent in brand new chicks.

Easter Eggers begin laying at seven months, a little later than other breeds, but once they begin, they are good layers of large and sometimes extra large eggs that vary in color, as explained above. (Each hen will lay her personal color, however!) They will occasionally brood, but are not particularly prone to it.

To top it off, these birds are smart and exceptionally friendly. They are a great choice for a family flock. If free ranging, they will usually run to greet you when you emerge from the house. They are, simply put, a fun and whimsical chicken to own, and great for beginners. The only problem is that they will spoil you so that you may never want another breed! Our Easter Eggers make exceptional pets that you will enjoy for years.

Please note:  This variety of chicken can lay blue, green, pink, white or brown eggs (or any color in between).  There is no guarantee as to what color egg your hatched hen will give.  Each hen will give ONE egg color.  The egg color will not change from one egg being laid to another.  For example, if your hen has just laid a green egg, then don't expect the second egg to be pink.  The color of the egg they hatched from does not indicate the color of egg they will lay.

Shipping:  Eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  No need to choose a faster shipping method besides 'Ground'.  If you'd like eggs shipped via USPS Express Mail, please give us a call!


We guarantee that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, contact us within two business days of receiving them with photos of the damage.

IMPORTANT: Receiving unbroken eggs is NOT a guarantee that they will all hatch. Why? Read more, here.

Unfortunately, we are unable ship hatching eggs to Hawaii.

DID YOU KNOW: We've just published a new, free e-book, "The My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching," helpful information for the novice and experienced hatcher alike.