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Want to surprise your chicken keeping friends? Show them your Empordanesa flock, and then show them your eggs. Our white Empordanesas, available to ship within 2-3 weeks, look similar to white Leghorns--even down to the white earlobes--but unlike the Leghorns, Empordanesas lay very dark brown eggs. Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses. The Emporadanesa is so rare, there are only a few flocks in the entire country. Your friends will do a double take--they will not believe that "Leghorns" can lay such eggs! (And they're right at that!) If your friends are quick-eyed, they will spot the unusual "carnation" comb of your birds and the slate legs that will clue them in if they're fans of rare breeds.

Empordanesas are said to be the name used for white, blonde and red Penedesenca varieties--we have the lovely white, from the Catalan region of Spain. Like Penedesencas, they are good layers of small to medium dark brown eggs, and are active, spritely birds. They do well in heat with their large combs and smaller body size--the white feathers are a help, too--and will not do well in the coldest regions.

Shipping:  Eggs are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  No need to choose a faster shipping method besides 'Ground'.  If you'd like eggs shipped via USPS Express Mail, please give us a call!

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We guarantee that the fertile hatching eggs you order from us will arrive intact and ready for incubation. If any eggs for which you have paid arrive cracked or broken, contact us within two business days of receiving them with photos of the damage.

IMPORTANT: Receiving unbroken eggs is NOT a guarantee that they will all hatch. Why? Read more, here.

Unfortunately, we are unable ship hatching eggs to Hawaii.

DID YOU KNOW: We've just published a new, free e-book, "The My Pet Chicken Guide to Incubation & Hatching," helpful information for the novice and experienced hatcher alike.

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