Hollands are an amenable breed of chicken, being adaptable to almost any surroundings. They do well in the cold and are a good layer of white eggs, however they're very rare and we can't even find a hatchery that sells them.


Class: American
Type: Large Fowl & Bantam
Size: Medium (6-7 lbs)
Rarity: Common
Purpose: Dual
Recognized Varieties: White & Barred

Egg Facts:

Egg Laying: Good (3/wk)
Egg Color: White
Egg Size: Large

Fancy Features:

Comb Type: Single Comb
Crested: No
Feathered Legs: No
Number of Toes: 4

Suitability to Backyard Life:

Hardy In Winter: Yes
Bears Confinement: Bears confinement well
Especially Docile: No
Setter/Broody: Yes
Personality: Cheerful.

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