Boughton 902a (4-6 chickens)

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A-Frame coops are hot for their space-saving design! This clever model is imported from the U.K. and houses up to 6 chickens. Constructed of slow-growing hardwood Norway Pine, the Boughton 902a is solidly built and will last you for years. The beautiful design will look great in your garden, too! (Wheels shown not included in this package.)

Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your coop.

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

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Product Features:

A handy waist-height door for collecting eggs.

Gathering your freshly laid eggs couldn't be any easier. Just flip the latch and reach right in!

Next box shutters prevent broodiness.

Hens that can access their nest box 24/7 are more likely to go broody. The Boughton 902a has shutters you can close at night to keep your girls out of the nest.

Easy-access panel.

The whole side panel comes off with a lift-- so you can change bedding materials, let your girls roam the yard, etc.

Designed to keep predators out.

Wire mesh sides inside the run provide protection, and the ladder closes for extra protection whenever you need it. (We recommend you lay down hardware cloth or chicken wire underneath for additional protection, both for your birds and your grass!)

Built-in run gives you flexibility to let "the girls" out -- or not.

Chickens are happiest and healthiest when they get to range freely around the yard, but if you can't let them out (when you're on vacation, for instance), they won't be "cooped up" inside all day - they'll have plenty to entertain themselves with inside the run!

Space-saving design.

At only 6' long by 4.5' wide by 4' tall, the Boughton 902a has the smallest footprint of any six-chicken coop we've seen!