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We are proud to announce for your convenience and enjoyment: 10 week old and up  Black Australorp started pullets.  These birds are NOT beak trimmed but are vaccinated against Marek's, floor raised and socialized.  No heat lamps and other baby chick equipment required, nor will you have to worry if one of your chicks will be a rooster.  Your chicks will be able to go from the shipping box to the coop!  Estimated to begin laying around the middle to end of July.  Our pullets are raised on our own NPIP certified and AI monitored farm! 

Black Australorps are great layers of large brown eggs!  Their black feathers give a beautiful green sheen that is quite breath taking!

Limited quantities, so reserve your birds now!
Sorry, we cannot ship only one bird.  Orders are for 2 through 8 pullets.

We do not recommend immediately turning these birds out with existing adult birds.  Chick starter/ grower feed needs to be fed until the first eggs are laid.  Birds are guaranteed to arrive alive and well for 48 hours after delivery.  Please call immediately if a bird arrives and acts listless.  We can offer advice to help!

Our pullets are shipped via USPS Express Mail to ensure the fastest shipping possible! Please choose USPS Ground when checking out.

Chicks were hatched on December 21st and will start being shipped on March 5th, 2012
Dates for shipping: (while they last!) 
Mondays:  March 5th, 12th & 19th

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