Infrared Heat Lamp Bulb, White (Energy Saver)

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125-watt infrared heat bulbs provide heat to your growing baby chicks. While heat bulbs are the most commonly used heating device for baby chicks, they are not our favorite choice.
  • Surface temps exceed 400 degrees.
  • People and children can burn themselves
  • Fires can (and do) happen.
  • They are not energy efficient, at all, and will cost you $3-$5+ per week of continuous use more to run than the alternatives. 
  • Light-free heat sources allow chicks to sleep at night

So, what are those alternatives? The Brinsea EcoGlow and Sweeter Heaters. They use far less electricity and post a far lower risk of catching fire, reaching no more than 185 degrees. (Many people claim there is no fire risk at all with these heaters, but we are not fire safety experts and therefore we don't go so far as to make that claim), among other benefits. They are costlier, but in the long run you will save due to your lowered electricity bill.

All that said, if you feel infrared bulbs are the best choice for you, make sure to secure them safely with a heat lamp with clamp, and use a  brooder stand, if your budget affords it.

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