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Chicken Picture

CAPTION: Submitted by:Judy H. of Western New York

"My husband built the coop for the girls from scratch. It is fully insulated, including the nest boxes. The nest boxes have a folding brace that I can rest the exterior door on while collecting eggs (when they come!) that is on a self closing hinge so that it automatically folds back in when you shut the door. The nest box doors use a refrigerator weather stripping to seal tight and stay toasty warm. The inside of the nest boxes are painted "egg plant purple" to be dark and cozy for the hens. The coop has a radiant heat ceramic heater on the wall to keep the coop comfy for the chicks while they adapt to our cold winter months coming. The double roost above the poop board is removable for cleaning and is flat so the hens can rest over top of their feet to keep them warm during the winter. The poop board below is also removable and is lined with stainless steel for easy cleaning and scraping. I have it filled with PDZ, which is a horse stall freshener, that I scoop with a cat litter scoop daily in between deep cleanings. We have the nest boxes blocked off until they get close to egg laying to keep them from using them to sleep in. They have a 'sand box' for dust bathing."