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Chicken Picture

CAPTION: Submitted by:Judy H. of Western New York

"We have 2 Easter Eggers, Charlotte & Rosemary, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, Agnes & Edith, 2 Delewares, Wilma & Betty, 2 Golden Comets, Ginger & Mary Ann, and 2 Buff Orpingtons, Lucy & Ethel... Agnes is the the queen bee on my knee inside the coop, and Wilma is 1st in line to check out anything, checking out the ramp to the roost and the sand box. Charlotte, the Easter eager is doing the happy dance in the middle of the coop. They all love the coop! We have had them shut inside the 1st week for them to learn their new home, and now that the run is finished and safe, will get to explore outside for the 1st time this week. We are so happy with our healthy new chicks and look forward to many years of enjoyment, and fresh eggs! Thanks again for your help. We will definitely be getting all our new chicks from you in the future!"