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Q: Can you put me in touch with a supplier or breeder for a chicken breed you don't carry?


No, I'm sorry. We're not a breeder registry. We don't keep lists of independent breeders for any location. To find a list of breeders, you'll normally want to contact a breed club for the breed you are interested in, not a hatchery.

How can I find a breeder for a specific rare chicken breed?

To find a breed club, try a Google search: key in "breed club + [breed I'm interested in]." So, for example, you might key in "breed club Japanese Bantam." Breed clubs normally keep a registry of breeders, so contact the breed clubs you find in the Google search for a list of breeders. Hopefully you can find a breeder in your area!

If you think another hatchery might carry the breed you are looking for, feel free to contact them directly. We do have a list of major hatcheries and contact information for them right on our website.