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Q: Can you safely ship chicks to Alaska or Hawaii?


We can safely ship chicks to Alaska and Hawaii. However, we can only safely ship to certain zip codes within those states. The post office estimates that these zip codes receive mail as quickly as the continental 48.

How quickly they travel is important because their safe arrival is our first priority--and they must reach their new homes quickly, since newly hatched baby chicks have a short shipping window. For their first three days of life, they don't need to eat or drink. Instead, they're sustained by the yolk they absorbed just before hatching. This is what allows them to be safely transported from the hatchery to their new home. (You can learn more about why Mother Nature designed them this way in the related questions below.)

The bottom line is that ensuring quick, safe arrival is the reason we must restrict shipment to strategic zip codes within Alaska and Hawaii. If you live in either state, you can view those safe zip codes in the maps below (created by batchgeo):

Safe shipping locations in Hawaii
96801, 96802, 96803, 96804, 96805, 96806, 96807, 96808, 96809, 96810, 96811, 96812, 96813, 96814, 96815, 96816, 96817, 96818, 96819, 96820, 96821, 96822, 96823, 96824, 96825, 96826, 96827, 96828, 96830, 96835, 96836, 96837, 96838, 96839, 96840, 96841, 96843, 96844, 96846, 96847, 96848, 96849, 96850, 96853, 96854, 96857, 96858, 96859, 96860, 96861, 96863

Safe shipping locations in Alaska
99501, 99502, 99503, 99504, 99505, 99506, 99507, 99508, 99509, 99510, 99511, 99514, 99515, 99516, 99517, 99518, 99519, 99521, 99522, 99523, 99524, 99556, 99567, 99573, 99577, 99588, 99599, 99603, 99645, 99664, 99702, 99705, 99725, 99737, 99744

All is not lost if you don't live in one of the safe zip codes--not if you can to travel to the area for pickup! If necessary, we can ship your order to a friend who lives in the safe zip code and is willing to receive your chicks for you. Alternatively, you can place your order to ship directly to the post office at that zip, with instructions to “Hold for Pickup," as long as you will be able to pick up your chicks the same day they reach the post office.

The post office will normally phone you when your package has arrived, but it's extremely important that you contact the post office in advance to determine their procedures for this service, and to notify them to expect your peeping package. Local procedures may vary--for instance, if packages arrive in the wee hours of the morning, they may not normally phone you until mid morning. You can ask to be called right away.

You'll need to be prepared to travel to the Post Office immediately upon notification of package arrival, and pick them up on the same day they arrive--without delay. In Hawaii, this may mean planning ahead. The baby chicks must be placed within a warm brooder as soon as possible for their optimal health and well-being.In order to have your chicks shipped to a post office to "hold for pickup," your shipping address for pickup service should read:

Your Name
“Hold at Post Office"
Post Office Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Your phone number

Be sure to submit your preferred contact number, as it's the one the post office will use to contact you. If they phone your home landline while you're waiting at work, you won't receive their call promptly.