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Q: How do I find a veterinarian for my chicken or duck?


It's always a good idea to seek out an avian or farm veterinarian BEFORE you get chickens, so you'll know where to turn in case of any emergency or health crisis. Rather than calling every vet clinic around, we recommend you go straight to the source: the Association of Avian Veterinarians website. Here you can enter your location and you will be shown a list of avian vets in your area.

(We find it helpful to search by state only rather than by zip code; the search results will only return vets in the specific zip code you search on, which can get frustrating.)

You might find that there are no avian or farm veterinarians near you, OR that they're not taking new clients! In that case, or in the case of an off-hours emergency, we're happy to recommend our friends at VetTriage. They're trained, licensed veterinarians who are on standby 24/7/365 and willing to provide telehealth services for your poultry for a very reasonable fee.