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Q: How much does shipping cost?


You can check the exact shipping cost to your location by placing the virtual items in your online basket and clicking the "calculate" link. You can check costs for both non-live items and baby chicks. Please note that not all shipping speed choices apply to baby chicks. Baby chicks ship a special way, separately, and your shipping choices for non-live items won't apply to "live items" and vice versa.

In the winter "off season," chicks are not always orderable, and shipping prices for the coming year will not be set until December, when ordering resumes. If you are trying to check shipping prices early, please be patient: shipping prices for baby chicks are not available until later, when rates are confirmed.

For 2014, orders of 3-14 chicks are shipped via Express Mail, and the rate depends on your location. Orders of 15 or more chicks will ship either Express OR Priority Mail (your choice), and rates also depend on your location. Small orders of baby chicks need extra attention to ship safely, so they include high tech long lasting heat packs to keep the chicks warm, custom amounts of nesting material and ventilation to prevent jostling or stifling, based on the prevailing weather and on the number of chicks you have ordered.

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