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Q: I live in Hawaii and I'm ordering chicks. What do I need to know?


First and foremost: we cannot safely ship to every zip code in your beautiful state. Only some zip codes are safe to ship to. Please read "Can you safely ship chicks to Alaska or Hawaii?" in the related questions below for more information about safe zip codes in your state. You cannot place an order shipping to any zip code that is not deemed safe.

Second, there is additional paperwork involved with shipping chicks to Hawaii, so please allow a few extra weeks. You won't be able to place a last minute order, because your state's Department of Agriculture wants to be notified of exactly what chicks will be arriving and where they are going.After you place an order destined for Hawaii, we'll be in touch to confirm details and assure that your shipping date provides us sufficient time for your state's approval.

Third, your state requires your home address on the Department of Ag paperwork, so a post office box is not sufficient, unfortunately. That said, we CAN ship your order to "hold for pickup" at a post office in a safe zip code, but we'll need your home address in addition. (There is a "customer notes" space in the ordering process, where you can add your physical address.)

And last--please be SURE you place your order exactly as you want it; order changes for Hawaii order are more difficult and take more time to coordinate. We need two weeks to make any changes to orders going to Hawaii as your order details must be pre-approved by your state's Department of Agriculture.