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Q: One of my new baby chicks is particularly fresh to the others, pecking their faces. Is this normal and should I do something about it?


In most cases you needn't worry. When you first receive them, your little chicks are hungry, and their instincts can tell them to peck at anything to see if it is good to eat: food, funny looking pine shavings, spots on the brooder walls, toes, eyes, freckles on your arm, and anything else.

Once they learn what food is, they will not likely peck at anyone else unless they get stressed (too crowded, too hot, etc.), or unless they are establishing pecking order. Right now you can sort of think of them as little toddlers, "testing" everything by trying to put it in their mouths. They grow out of that. My worst offenders as chicks turned out to be great foragers as adults.