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Q: Two bantam chicks is all I have room for, but the minimum order for bantams is five in my area. Can I pay for five, but have you only send two?


I'm afraid not. The minimums are based on how many chicks are safe to ship, not how many we would like to sell. You can't give us extra money to send fewer chicks than would be safe to send you, I'm sorry. It just wouldn't be an ethical thing to do! And be forewarned before trying this with other hatcheries. Some will allow you to order fewer than the minimum order, but will then fill the deficit with extra roosters to keep the chicks warm enough.

chicks in shipping box

My Pet Chicken never send extra males for warmth. If you don't want to rehome extra roosters, please be careful when ordering from other hatcheries--be sure to check, first, and find out if you will be receiving extra roosters with you small order!