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Q: What if my chick package is late?


Please notify us Thursday if your package has not arrived by then--but do not notify us before Thursday. The US postal service is very good about handling baby chick deliveries, and they are rarely late! In fact, we only have losses about 1% of the time. A package is late only if it does not arrive by Thursday afternoon. If your package has not arrived by then, its tracking number will have been associated with the individual orders in the hatching facility's system, so on Thursday we will be able to track down individual packages should there be the rare problem. We cannot provide tracking numbers earlier than Thursdays.

We do understand how exciting receiving baby chicks is; we understand that you want to know where your package might be in transit. However, in most cases the USPS doesn't update tracking information often enough to be helpful, as their priority is to get the babies to you as smoothly and quickly as possible. Because we My-Pet-Chicken-people all value pet chickens personally, it's important that we concentrate any tracking efforts on packages that are actually late. In the rare instance that a package is misdirected, we have never failed to find someone locally to adopt the babies. Their safe journey is our top priority, so please allow us to dedicate our time and attention where it is most needed. Thank you for understanding.

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