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Q: Why don't you sell chicks year round?


We do sell chicks most of the year round, but there are a variety of reasons baby chicks aren't available for purchase at all times.

Partridge Olive Egger chicks

Chickens naturally lay fewer eggs in the colder, darker months of winter. Some breeds stop entirely. Fertility is usually lower in the winter, too, so fewer chicks will hatch. In addition, in the fall and winter, our hens will be molting and regrowing new feathers for the coming year, so even those breeds that are good winter layers may lay reduced numbers of eggs, or may briefly stop laying until molting is over. That means that in the fall and winter, the selection of breeds we have available will be greatly reduced.

In addition to hatching issues, it is more difficult to ship baby chicks in very cold weather, and we want to ship our babies safely. Generally from late November to early February, our smallest minimum is 15, to ensure safety. In the warmer months, our smallest minimum in 3.

Finally, there is a three week break in December where we do not ship at all in order to avoid any potential holiday mail delays.