Heated Chicken Perch, two sizes

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Huge end of season sale! Buy now and save big. No more worrying about frozen toes! Most chickens, while they are covered in their own "down" blanket, lose a lot of body heat through their feet in extremely cold weather.  The gentle 102* warmth provided by this heated chicken perch will keep your precious flock much more comfortable in the cold -- and will keep you from staying up at night worrying about them. Normal body temperature for a chicken is between 103* to 105*, so 102* is "just right!"

(If you're considering a perch for the Bungalow or Clubhouse chicken coops, you'll want the 26" perch.)

One year limited warranty.
MET Listed, (safety listing)
Dimensions: Non Adjustable
    26" perch, 26"x14"x8",  Weight 5 lbs. 40 Watts
    36" perch, 36"x14"x8", Weight 7 lbs, 55 Watts
    Cord length, 5.5 ft.

K&H does not publish an exact temp, for purpose of design protection.  However, the dual internal thermostats regulate the perch to the perfect temperature, to aid in the retention of body heat throughout the chickens entire body, by way of their own circulatory system and prevents their toes from freezing in cold climates.  The internal temperature of the Thermo Chicken Perch turns off at approximately 105 degrees.
Keeps your chickens feet warm
Aids in retention of body heat
Internal thermostat