6-Week-Old Pullet: Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles hen
Salmon Faverolles Hen

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Want a jumpstart on fresh eggs? This is the ticket! Our six-week-old chickens are ready to live outdoors, with no heat or special care required. They're vaccinated against Marek's disease and MG, floor-raised, socialized with humans, and best of all, their beaks are intact. Minimum order is just two!

Salmon Faverolles have beautiful coloring, and they are friendly, large and fluffy, with profuse muffs and beards.
Faverolles lay medium to large pale brown or parchment-colored eggs with a matte finish, in very good numbers—four or five a week. They have a fifth toe, and feathered legs. They're good winter layers, and show some broodiness without it being excessive (so they make a great homesteading variety). They have small single combs, red earlobes, and white/pink skin.

What to know about shipping: All 6-week-old chickens are shipped USPS Express Mail. We are unable to ship to Minnesota, Hawaii, and US Territories due to importing regulations in those states. Minimum order is just two.

Please keep your 6-week-olds quarantined from your existing flock for four or more weeks, and take care when introducing them.