6-Week-Old Pullet: Surprise Me!

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Want a jumpstart on fresh eggs? This is the ticket! Our six-week-old chickens are ready to live outdoors, with no heat or special care required. They're vaccinated against Marek's disease and MG, floor-raised, socialized with humans, and best of all, their beaks are intact. Minimum order is just two!

Live on the edge! Throw caution to the wind! Get a "Surprise Me" chicken, and save a bunch while you're at it. You may receive any chicken breed we have available for shipment that week.

For the 6/21/2022, 6/22/2022, and 6/28/2022 ship dates, you could receive:

Blue/Black/Splash Birchen Marans
Assorted Silkies
Black Copper Marans
Frizzle Easter Egger
Frost White Legbar
Barred Plymouth Rock
Rhode Island Red
Buff Orpington
Lavender Orpington
Jubilee Orpington
Speckled Sussex
Swedish Flower Hen
Cream Legbar
White Crested Black Polish
Buff Laced Polish
Golden Laced Polish
White Crested Blue Polish
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Columbian Wyandotte
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Salmon Faverolles
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
Frizzle Easter Egger
Green Queen Easter Egger
Olive Egger
White Sultan
Easter Egger
Partridge Penedesenca
Porcelain d'Uccle
Buff Brahma

What to know about shipping: All 6-week-old chickens are shipped USPS Express Mail. We are unable to ship to Minnesota, Hawaii, and US Territories due to importing regulations in those states. Minimum order is just two.

Please keep your 6-week-olds quarantined from your existing flock for four or more weeks, and take care when introducing them.