6-Week-Old Pullet: Welsummer

Welsummer Hen
Welsummer pullet
Welsummer hen

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Want a jumpstart on fresh eggs? This is the ticket! Our six-week-old chickens are ready to live outdoors, with no heat or special care required. They're vaccinated against Marek's disease and MG, floor-raised, socialized with humans, and best of all, their beaks are intact. Minimum order is just two!

The Welsummer (sometimes spelled Welsumer) is named after the village of Welsum, Holland, and was first imported into this country in 1928. Hens lay large, medium to dark brown eggs that are often speckled, making them very lovely, indeed! The Welsummer is an upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast, and large full tail. The birds have single combs, medium wattles, almond-shaped ear lobes, and a strong, short beak. The coloring on the eggs is so thick that if you catch it while the egg is still wet, you can wipe off some of the brown with a clean cloth! (Keep in mind that, as with all dark egg layers, the eggs will vary in color, growing lighter as the hens get into the full swing of laying, and darkening again after a break in laying, like a molt.) Welsummers are friendly, intelligent and easily handled birds that love to free-range and forage for food but can also be kept in runs quite happily. Bonus: they're our top pick for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

What to know about shipping: All 6-week-old chickens are shipped USPS Express Mail. We are unable to ship to Minnesota, Hawaii, and US Territories due to importing regulations in those states. Minimum order is just two.

Please keep your 6-week-olds quarantined from your existing flock for four or more weeks, and take care when introducing them.