6-Week-Olds: Olive Eggers

Olive Egger hen
Olive Egger hen
Olive egg colors can vary!
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Started pullets are for people who don't have the time, equipment or ability to care for chicks, or who are just too anxious for some fresh backyard eggs to start with chicks!

Olive Eggers, just like Easter Eggers, can have any color plumage, and may even have funky mini crests, subtly barred feathers, and muffs or beards. Approximately 95% of these birds lay an olive egg any shade from grayish, all the way through dark army green. The remaining 5% will lay a brown egg.

All Started Pullets are shipped USPS Express Mail.

**Please do not immediately turn your started pullets out with an existing flock. Read why, here.

These pullets will be vaccinated for Marek's disease and will be 6 weeks old when shipped.

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