Automatic Solar Door for Swing-Open Doors and the Bungalow Coop

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Announcing a major upgrade to some of our most popular chicken coops! This automatic door opener is designed just for our Bungalow chicken coop, and can be used for any swing-open door. We're excited to finally by able to offer an automatic door opener for the Bungalow! 

When customers ask us what are the most important features any chicken coop can have, automatic doors are right at the top of the list. You'll never wake up in the middle of the night again, wondering if you forgot to close in your chickens! You won't have to sweat it if you go away for the weekend, work late, or fancy a bit more time in bed in the morning.


  • Solar-powered. You'll never run out of battery! The solar panel is flexible and robust, with no glass to break.
  • Made from the highest quality materials. No corners are cut with this door! It's made with brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Self-locking. Predators cannot open the door once it is closed!
  • Everything's included. Your purchase comes with fittings, solar panel, general fitting instructions, battery, and waterproof battery box.
  • Light sensors trigger opening and closing. ensure your door opens completely automatically.
  • Tweak your opening and closing times. It’s possible to set a custom opening time after sunrise with this unit, or you can just let it do its thing!
  • Manual override. There's a manual opening/closing override, if you should need it for any reason.
  • 2 Year Guarantee. If you have any problems with your automatic door, we'll send replacement parts or replace your whole opener within two years of purchase. After two years, individual replacement parts are available for purchase if you need them!
  • Works in extreme heat and cold. This automatic chicken door was designed to work in dry, hot desert conditions, all the way down to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Optional App plus Light for inside!

  • Compatible for Android as well as Apple products. 
  • Opening/closing: Program your door to open at a specific time in the morning, or according to light levels outside. Tell it to open at 6:55am and it will do that exactly. Same options for night closing: set the exact time, or base it on the ambient light levels. The app will automatically change for daylight savings.)
  • Manual override: Open and close your door manually from up to 100ft away using the app, or in person with the click of a button if you choose.
  • Works on Bluetooth: This means you don't need WiFi or an internet connection in your garden/field! If you’re near your coop, whether that’s in your garden, or whether the coop is in the middle of a forest, you can connect. This means it's ideal for even the most remote locations possible.
  • Control opening/closing strength: Want your coop door to close a little firmer? Want to back the door strength off a little? No problem!
  • Battery/power level checker. The app will show you incredibly accurate live and past voltage readings.
  • Remembers the settings you have chosen, and carries out its tasks even if your phone is switched off!
  • Upgrade comes with light for inside the coop: Egg production plummets in winter as daylight hours decrease. The App & Light upgrade gives you a light for inside the coop, which means your hens will lay well all throughout the year!
  • Customize when your light comes on: Typically in the fall months you'll want the light to turn on around 5am, and in the winter around 4am, for maximum egg production, but this varies according to how far north or south you are. Tinker with your settings to see what works best for you! With the app, you can set a precise time for your light to turn on. Best of all, the light will turn off automatically when the door opens.
  • Control brightness of your light: Save energy, and adapt the strength of your light to the size of your coop! After all, while this automatic door was made just for our top-selling Bungalow chicken coop, it'll work on most any swing-open coop door.)
  • You can decide to add the App and Light later! Select "Upgrade App & Light" if you've already purchased the door and would like to upgrade your purchase.


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