ChickenGuard Extreme Automatic Chicken Door

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Want those few extra minutes in bed? This durable automatic chicken door from the U.K. is just the ticket. Predators won't be able to lift the door once it's shut. The ChickenGuard Extreme Automatic Chicken Door includes both the programmable door opener and the self-locking door unit.

Automatic door open/close options

This automatic door provides two options for setting open and close times: an easy-to-use programmable timer, and an built-in light (LUX) sensor. You can choose between the manual programming option, or using the light sensor to trigger your door open/close times. You can even designate how sensitive you want your light sensor to be! The integrated LCD screen has a simple user interface and large buttons to ensure ease of use, even with gloves on. And there's a complete, step-by-step video with setup instructions (see below)!

Extreme vs Premium

This door opener is simple to install and operate, and is perfect for larger, heavier-duty coops or runs. If you've got big time chicken farm aspirations or live where winters are harsh, this is the door for you! The only real difference between this model and the Premium Automatic Chicken Door is the Premium motor can only lift up to 2.2lbs, making it better suited to starter or lighter-weight setups.

Power with batteries or plug it in

Four AA batteries, included with your purchase, will keep your door in operation for up to six months! A low battery warning will give you plenty of notice when you need to change them out. If you'd rather not hassle with batteries, there's a USB port so you can supply electricity. (Cables not included.)

Other automatic door features

  • Self-locking door cannot be opened by predators once closed.
  • Manual open/close option with the touch of a button
  • Door is made from aluminum, with 100% recycled plastic "runners."
  • Indicator light visible on control panel from 100 yards away to show your door has been successfully closed.
  • Never worry with "fail-safe" mode! If you choose the light sensor to automatically open and close your door at dawn and dusk, fail-safe mode allows you to designate a time that the door must be closed by at night.
  • Electronics are enclosed in a weatherproof housing.
  • No-quibble 3 year guarantee – but your automatic door should last a lot longer than that!

Installation Guide


Product Features:

Extreme - Timer & light sensor, lifts up to 8 lb door, for extreme climates

  • Room for up to 7 chickens
  • Are you tired of rushing to the coop at the crack of dawn to let your hens out?
  • Are you sick of getting soaking wet on winter nights to lock your chickens in their coop?
  • Have you had enough with poorly crafted coop door openers that give you a headache in the installation?

ChickenGuard, the leader in chicken coop automation, has released an advanced technology chicken door opener for your peace of mind and your poultry safety! Timers, sensors & easy controls blend to give you a reliable, durable and highly convenient automatic chicken door opener.

Expertly constructed and convenient

Using integrated LCD Screen this door opener is expertly constructed to be easy to use, highly reliable and dependable in keeping your poultry flock safe from dusk until dawn.

Finally, have a peace of mind!

Get your automatic chicken coop door opener!

Automate your chicken coop door open/close time

Equipped with a high-end timer & light sensor, this chicken coop accessory is a must-have for your poultry flock protection!

Set the time when coop door will open, adjust the opening/closing mode depending on the time of the year and proudly watch your hens lining up for their breakfast in the fresh air!

Save energy & time – extremely useful!
No more going out in bad weather to lock them up or let them out. No more going out, when you still want to chill and nap for few more hours. Also, no more driving if the coop is on a separate piece of land or simply not home.

With the easy installation (with step-by-step instruction video) and calibration of the ChickenGuard Automatic coop door opener, you will automate chicken coop door processes at a glance!

Exceptional design and versatility

ChickenGuard ASTx Extreme Opener and smart software to give you a great chicken coop door accessory. Install & calibrate outdoors or indoors, the perfectly crafted design assures longevity & convenient performance along with your coop door.

Calibrate at your own convenience to a door that Is not heavier than 8lbs. Make sure it has at least 1inch distance from the top of the coop door.

Enjoy simple control settings

No need to be a technology expert to function your new chicken coop defense accessory! Enjoy increased flexibility in the time and way you want the popup door open, with automatic or manual settings!

The large buttons are made for your convenience, easy to press even with thick gloves!

With our simplified UI & exceptional engineering, it’s very easy to program and change time.

Take control!

Six months of usage with one battery pack

Make sure the coop door is closed at a distance, thanks to the indicator visible from 100 yards away! The large LCD screen allows for effortless use, while the 4 AA batteries needed will last for full six months, saving you money and worries!

Optional USB port for external power supply!

ChickenGuard’s automatic coop door openers are completely safe around your family and pets.

Economical, effective and convenient chicken door opener!