ChickenGuard Premium Chicken Coop Door Opener

ChickenGuard Premium Door Opener

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Want those few extra minutes in bed? This automatic door opener will help you out! The ChickenGuard Premium Door Opener opens & closes your chicken coop using a timer & light sensor. So your chickens can be safely tucked up in bed while you go out for the evening, and you can hit the snooze a few times while your chickens are let out in the morning.

Safety and Peace of Mind

This Premium door opener features an easy-to-use programmable timer, and an additional built-in light (LUX) sensor, which means you have two factors for maximum security and peace of mind.
The full Manual Control Feature and unique Fail Safe Mode also provide increased security and flexibility for timings. With the integrated LCD screen, it ensures an easy set up and ability to alter timings when necessary.

Why ChickenGuard?

This door opener is very simple to install and operate, even by the technologically challenged! It also is the lightest model that we carry with all the features of our heavier models. The ChickenGuard door openers can be installed on smaller and more light weight coops or chicken runs.

Premium vs Extreme

The ChickenGuard Premium is perfect for smaller coops, as the motor can lift up to 2lbs. The ChickenGuard Extreme has the same great features of the premium, with an upgraded motor that can lift up to 8lbs, making it ideal for larger, heavier doors and commercial coops. It also helps in extreme climates where weather may make it harder for the door to open.

How does it work?

Simply fix the unit to the outside of your chicken coop with the fittings provided, connect the cord to your coop door, set the timer, and you're done!

Other automatic door features

  • Manual open/close option with the touch of a button
  • Indicator light visible on control panel from 100 yards away to show your door has been successfully closed.
  • Never worry with "fail-safe" mode! If you choose the light sensor to automatically open and close your door at dawn and dusk, fail-safe mode allows you to designate a time that the door must be closed by at night.
  • Electronics are enclosed in a weatherproof housing. This unit works at -10 degrees C/14 degrees F.
  • No-quibble 3 year guarantee – but your automatic door should last a lot longer than that!

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