Hentronix WiFi (or Bluetooth) App Upgrade

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Upgrade your existing Hentronix Automatic Door Opener with this new circuit board. This will enable the use of the Wifi (and Bluetooth) App. The app is free to download for Andriod or iPhone users and allows you to check on your auto coop door from anywhere in the world with WiFi. No ongoing costs and system updates are also free. Works with both solar-powered or AC powered units!

Programming Options:

  • Customize your coop door opening and closing times.
  • Set the opening and closing strengths of the door. Can be set to hard, medium, and soft closing options.
  • Secondary Closing option. Allows you to close the door according to your programed time, the door then reopens immediately (allowing any late party chickens in!) The door will then close for the final time a minute or two later.
  • Remembers the settings you have chosen and carries out its tasks even if your phone is switched off. Your programed settings will still be carried out even if there are WiFi problems.
  • Rename your opener/closer, and control multiple openers/closers from the same app.

Display Options:

  • Battery/power level checker. Gives you accurate live and past voltage readings.
  • Displays temperature near your coop. Lets you see how hot/cold it is near your coop (helping you keep them happy).
  • Displays the time last opened and time last closed. Helps you keep a track of when your opener opened in the morning, or closed at night… for peace of mind.

WiFi and Bluetooth Requirements:

  • In order for this upgrade option to work with your coop setup: your coop will need to be within your WiFi range (about 300 feet) OR connected via Bluetooth within range of the door.
  • Can work with Bluetooth only if you don’t have WiFi. This restricts the opener to only being controlled within sight distance (around 100 yds). Functionality like opening/monitoring from anywhere in the world is not possible when only Bluetooth is selected, but it still makes it an amazing addition to your set-up for all the other benefits!
Shipping: The Wifi App Circuit Board is expected to ship within 2-3 days after ordering. We will send your tracking number by email as soon as it's available, or you can look for it in the My Account area of our website.

Please carefully inspect your parts and ensure all items in the packing list are included. If you are missing any items, you must notify Hentronix within 15 days of arrival for replacements.