Chick Brooder Heating Plate, 16"x24", Height-Adjustable

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We love safer chick heaters like these, even though they're pricier than traditional heat lamps. Heat lamps cause fires! This baby chick brooder heater keeps the chicks warm, confident, and quiet in the darkness that mimics being under mother hen's wings. Below, learn why they're worth the investment. Here's the overview.

  • 16" x 24" heating area
  • Warms up to 50 chicks
  • Uses just 42 watts per  hour
  • Surface temps reach just 125°, unlike heat bulbs which reach a dangerous 435°
  • Chicks are content and quiet under the heater
  • We recommend you choose the optional heater plate cover, so chicks won't be able to perch (and poo) on top.
  • Height-adjustable to accommodate chicks as they grow, from 1.5" for the smallest fowl to 6" for older/bigger birds.

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Product Features:

Fire hazard: we only use low-wattage heaters, because... The cheaper alternative, infrared heat bulbs, can reach 435° or more and pose a real fire hazard. Understanding that we run the risk of sounding like pushy salespeople, we have to impress upon you: heat lamp-caused fires are all too real. They have happened to our own staff; tragically, a woman even died from a heat lamp fire in her home. New cases pop up in the news every year. So, if there is only one item you can afford to splurge on for your backyard flock, we highly recommend that it be a safe heater like this one or these other models.

Why it'll save you money: This heating plate uses only 42 watts--less than a tenth the electricity of typical suspended infrared lamps. And it accommodates up to thirty chicks, and reaches only about 125°! If you plan to brood baby chicks year after year, you will easily save enough money on electricity to make up the cost difference. (Plus, those lamps break and burn out, so you'll have to replace them.)

The height is adjustable, so as your chicks grow, your heater grows with them. Just twist the yellow "legs" to raise this heater up or down! And if you are raising a mixed batch of both bantams and large fowl chicks, or mixed ages, you can even set up this heating plate to be lower-to-the-ground on one side for the smaller chicks, and higher on the other for the larger chicks. Clever!

You don't need to worry about suspending this heater. Another horizontal heater we love, the Sweeter Heater, does require suspension.

Chicks love the dark, so they're much quieter under this heater. And it makes sense! In nature, they'd be under mother hen's wing most of the time, in her dark, warm embrace. We can't overstate how important this is. When raising chicks under a heat lamp, there are invariably a few that are just so loud, no matter what you do to content them. There's no way to turn off the light and let them sleep, because the light is their source of heat, so you just have to put up with their loud chirp-chirp-chirping. With this heater, though, the chicks have no trouble sleeping through the night, warm and comfortable. (Another chick heater we love, the Cozy Coop Heater stands upright and is safe for chicks -- and is great in the big girl coop in winter -- but doesn't provide the same sense of security.)

Optional transparent plate cover
We admit it: one of the downsides of a heater like this is that the chicks will love to jump on top and do what they "doo." By the time you move them out to the coop at 4-5 weeks old, there will be quite a lot of doo-doo to undo! With a little soaking, the poo comes right off -- but if you want to save yourself the trouble, add on the the optional heater plate cover.

Adjusting the height
This heater, unlike a traditional heat lamp, is not meant to heat an entire brooder, but rather to heat chicks on contact. Position the heating plate to be just above their heads. As they grow, or show you that the heat is too much for them (by positioning themselves not under the heat plate, but around the edges), simply increase the height by twisting the legs.

This design also works out well for raising both large fowl and bantam birds together, because you can set half the heating plate lower, and the other half higher. The birds will self-select the best spot for them.

Another option for heat control is using a Temperature Regulator made specifically for this heating plate.

Before your chicks come home
This heater takes a little bit of time to warm up. Plug in the plate 1 hour prior to placing chicks under it.

What this model is NOT good for:
  • Ambient temps below the 60°s. If your chicks will be in temps below the low 60°s, we recommend the Sweeter Heater or Cozy Coop Heater instead (and sometimes both).
  • Heating your coop in winter. As we explain explain here, in most instances, coop heaters aren't necessary. But if you want to be prepared for a cold snap or have bitterly cold winters, consider the Sweeter Heater or the Cozy Coop Heater instead.

Heater Plate: 16" x 16" x 2", weight 3.5 lb
Plate Cover: 16" x 16" x 5, weight 0.5 lb
Cord Length: 70"

Heater plate is made of ABS plastic with polyurethane insulation; cover is heavy-duty transparent plastic.