K&H Thermo-Peep Heated Pad (see size options)

Heated pad in run
Heated pad in nest box
Peep Pad, Tan, 9"x12"x.5"
Chicken Pad, Black, 12.5"x18.5"x.5"
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Help keep your feathered friends warm! Set a "Peep Pad" heater on the floor of your brooder to help your baby chicks get a little more comfortable, especially if you've got them in a colder environment like a garage or basement -- or use it to provide your flock a safe source of warmth in the winter. (Ever had a hen fall in a bucket of water in the middle of winter? We have, and ours would have loved this heated pad to warm up on!)

Thermostatically controlled, the 25-watt Peep Pad only reaches 102°, which means your birds have to come in direct contact with it to feel its warmth. It's not intended to heat the entire inside of a coop -- which is a good thing! Why not to heat your coop in winter.

If you have a larger flock or want to provide more birds with some warmth, consider upgrading to the larger "Chicken Pad" from the pull-down menu above.

Please bear in mind that this pad is NOT warm enough for new baby chicks unless they are being raised in a very hot environment. In most cases, you will need a more significant source of heat for babies. Use this only as a supplemental source of heat:
  • Provide an extra boost of heat for baby chicks in chilly brooder conditions
  • Help transition 4-week-old chicks from indoors to outdoor coop
  • Add to coop in winter for extra comfort
  • Offer to an injured or ill hen to help her recover
These heater pads are an easy-to-clean plastic, which reach a safe 102°.

Peep Pad: 9" x 12" x .5", 2 lbs
Chicken Pad: 12.5" x 18.5" x .5", 4 lbs
Cord Length: 5.5 ft
Material:  Plastic
Water resistant
Safety Listing: MET
Pre-set temp: 102°

K&H Limited One Year Warranty
Our warranty is as follows: K&H Manufacturing warrants to the original consumer, that this product will be free of defects and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer’s liability hereu nder is limited to replacement of the product. This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, tampering, or other causes not arising from defects in material or workmanship.

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