Kay-Tee Pine Shavings Bedding, 3200 cu in (52.4 L)

Kay-Tee 3200 cu inches pine shavings
Pine shavings bedding
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Bedding is necessary for baby chicks and flocks to absorb poo. We like this variety because it's specially processed to eliminate dust and wood debris found in other bedding brands. which is huge when it comes to baby chicks, adult birds and fowl of all types! Their "scratching" behavior can create a tremendous amount of dust, if you don't choose the right bedding. Plus, the natural pine oils in this product help suppress micro-organisms, and best of all, they keep the chick area smelling fresh.

This bedding is made from 100% all-natural pine shavings. (Never bed baby chicks or fowl of any kind on newspaper.)

Made in the USA!

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