Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad, 18"

Chicken Pad, Black, 12.5"x18.5"x.5"

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Help keep your feathered friends warm. Set a "Chicken Pad" heater on the floor of your brooder to help your chickens get a little more comfortable. If you've got your flock in a colder environment like a garage or basement, a little heat coming from below can make all the difference in their comfort level. You can also use the pad to provide your flock a safe source of warmth in the winter. (Ever had a hen fall in a bucket of water in the middle of winter? We have, and ours would have loved this heated pad to warm up on!)

Thermostatically controlled, the 60-watt Chicken Pad reaches between 100 and 105°, which means your birds have to come in direct contact with it to feel its warmth. It's not intended to heat the entire inside of a coop -- which is a good thing! Why not to heat your coop in winter.

If you have a larger flock or want to provide more birds with some warmth, consider upgrading to any one of these safer heater options. (Use anything but the dreaded 250-watt infrared light bulb!)

Please bear in mind that this pad is NOT warm enough for new baby chicks unless they are being raised in a very hot environment. In most cases, you will need a more significant source of heat for babies. Use this only as a supplemental source of heat:

  • Provide an extra boost of heat for baby chicks in chilly brooder conditions
  • Help transition 4-week-old chicks from indoors to outdoor coop
  • Add to coop in winter for extra comfort
  • Offer to an injured or ill hen to help her recover
These heater pads are an easy-to-clean plastic, which reach a safe 100 to 102°.

Dimensions: 13" x 19" x 1"
Weight: 2 lbs
Cord Length: 5 ft
Materials: Durable ABS Plastic that is easy to clean
A red indicator light shows when the unit is operating


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