Day-Old Chicks: 100% Silked White Easter Eggers

White Silked Easter Egger
White Silked Easter Eggers
White Silked Easter Eggers
Silked Easter Egger chicks
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Our exclusive breeds are on sale for a limited time! Save $8 on each female Silked White Easter Egger.

Hello, gorgeous! This cross is new, and exclusive to MPC. It is the result of years of selective breeding across multiple generations. As the name suggests, we've bred a Silked Easter Egger! Get all the benefits of an Easter Egger in a special silkie package.

The chicks will have a random combination of muffs, beards and crests, and their skin will be either slate green or black in color. They typically will have feathered legs and feet, varying from lightly to heavily feathered. About 95% of their eggs will be blue in color and the remainder will be cream-colored — but 100% will be great egg layers!

While Silked Easter Egger chicks hatch out different colors, they all end up white – imagine that. You may be wondering about their size since there's Silkie blood in their genes, but since this is a multi-generational project, we've had the time to breed for size. The mature birds will be just a tad smaller than a typical Easter Egger, with hens weighing around 3-1/2 lbs. This breed will also tend to be broody, if you're looking for a great mama!


Product Features:

* We can ship as few as three baby chicks! Our minimums are based on your zip code, and how long the USPS tells us it will take for your order to arrive at your post office. The longer they tell us it will take, the higher your minimum. Find out your minimum chick order

* Any order of 15+ chicks ships via USPS Priority Mail service, and 3-14 chicks ship via USPS Express Mail.
Why we use the USPS

* We offer Marek's vaccinations on all chicks, and you'll have the opportunity to select that during the checkout process.

* Baby chicks have special needs including heat of about 95* the first week of life! Read more, here

* Breed photos may not be representative of the parent breeding stock.In some cases our photos are of winning exhibition lines of poultry. Unless noted otherwise, we do not source from exhibition lines, nor do we select for exhibition.

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