Day-Old Chicks: Egyptian Fayoumi

Egyptian Fayoumi Pullet
Egyptian Fayoumi
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This pretty breed has a unique appearance. They hold their tails upright--nearly vertical--and have especially long, graceful necks. They are decent layers of smallish, cream or tinted eggs.

This ancient breed has its origin in the Nile Valley. They are relatively new to the US, and still quite rare here. They are also one of the most early maturing of chicken breeds: hens can begin laying eggs as early as 4-1/2 or 5 months! Fayoumis are known to be naturally resistant to Marek's Disease and to many other illnesses. However, they are normally fairly nervous in temperament, and can be feather pickers if they don't have enough room to roam. They can be territorial about their favorite nesting spots, and roosters are noisy. They are also fliers, so are not always the best choice for a backyard flock since they can and will clear most fences. With plenty of room, however, they can be a good choice for a small farm, since they are good foragers, economical eaters, independent, tough, aware of their surroundings and good at avoiding predators.

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* We offer Marek's vaccinations on all standard (large fowl) chicks, and you'll have the opportunity to select that during the checkout process.

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* Breed photos may not be representative of the parent breeding stock.In some cases our photos are of winning exhibition lines of poultry. Unless noted otherwise, we do not source from exhibition lines, nor do we select for exhibition.

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